Gay Marriage, Common Sense & The Christian Response

The foremost reason "gay marriage" is wrong is not because it doesn't lead to human flourishing, or because it goes against thousands of years of human tradition, or because the reproductive parts don't fit, or because it's a slippery slope (although all those things are true). These arguments are all secondary, and if employed in isolation from Christ's Lordship, they become tacitly aligned with a humanistic perspective. Gay marriage is wrong, primarily because God created and defined marriage for us, and Jesus Christ has all authority on heaven and on earth.

Why Christians Need to Start Being Mean

There is an evil monster indwelling you Christian. And it's not the devil or a demon, it's called your flesh. It's ruthless, relentless, cunning, subtle and subversive. It is capable of wreaking destruction in all areas of your life and you are NO match for it. It can create callouses and hardness of heart quicker…